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    Interactive Pet Cat Toy Feeding Plate Game

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    Product Description:
    Material: ABS+silicone
    Product working mode: adopt irregular behavior routes, simulate the unpredictability of real prey, and keep the game fresh.

    Foraging mode: After coming out of the hole, the little worm will cautiously and slowly travel to forage, the dike hunter, the kitten will observe and learn, arouse the hunting interest for the first time, enter this mode again, and then the kitten will enter the hunting readiness state Escape mode: the cat enters the hunting state, the bug opens the escape mode, and the irregular fine movement path appears, and quickly escapes. Stimulate the cat's desire to hunt again

    Hiding mode: When the worm is captured by the cat, the bug will be in a state of "suspended animation", and when the cat receives the reward freeze-dried, it will "take the opportunity" to quickly hide back into the wormhole and hide. Increase the difficulty of hunting, and increase the desire to hunt for the third time

    Product Feature:
    1. Hiding worms is good for intelligence, intelligent insects will hide in worms, increase the difficulty of hunting, and greatly increase the fun of hunting.
    2. Positive feedback is addictive to play, after the cat is caught, the game opportunity randomly drops snacks to allow the cat to get positive feedback on hunting
    3. It is anti-collision and resistant to falling. Dogs can also play at will. It is anti rollover and resistant to scratching to vent pet energy
    4. TYPE-C charging port, fast portable charging, can be used repeatedly to save huge battery costs


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