Interactive Windmill Cat Toy – Dogi kitten
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    Interactive Windmill Cat Toy

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    Product Description:
    Material: Plastic

    1. This toy is a set of educational cat toys, revolver windmill toys, revolver leaky toys, free swing cat sticks and other functions as one of the fun cat toys.
    2, when the cat gently and forcefully toss the toy, through the drive of the connecting rod, the toy body can be horizontally 360 ° free rotation; the hollow transparent ball on both sides of the toy body can also be 360 ° free rotation horizontally under the action of the fixed rod, the hollow transparent ball is placed in a high content of catnip balls, when the hollow transparent ball rotates, the catnip ball will run irregularly, accelerating the emission of the smell of the catnip ball; the top rotor granary will also be 360 under the action of the fixed shaft ° Rotate vertically to attract the cat's interest in playing.
    3, the main body of the toy is designed with a wheel granary, when the cat touches the wheel, the wheel will turn quickly, and the cat food will fall through the leaky ingress hole on the wheel. As a reward for the cat when playing, it attracts the cat's interest and can also improve the cat's IQ. The wheel silo is designed with a soft rubber stopper, and cat food or snacks can be added directly by removing the stopper.
    4, the top of the new original cat stick design, wavy soft cat stick toughness is higher, the cat can make the cat stick sway freely with light force, and it can increase the cat's love for the toy.
    5. The bottom of the toy is designed with a large suction suction cup, which can be adsorbed on the floor, doors and other smooth planes, and can be sucked horizontally or vertically, which is suitable for the living environment of various cats


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